Sunday, 14 April 2013

How to use video

Video is a remarkably powerful tool for marketing products and services. But it is clear many companies are not using it to its full potential. Some are not using it at all. Avantemedia has a wealth of experience in creating corporate videos. We are also experts in showing people how to perform on film. But instead of making your video why don’t we show YOU how to do it? No more shaky camerawork, no more wooden appearances. Instead dynamic, cleverly edited footage that attracts attention and converts customers. Director Gavin Hill (pictured) has produced hundreds of videos to sell everything from multi million pound super yachts and Nissan cars to washing machines (above) and dishwashers. He has also filmed many TV documentaries, including one in a Thai jail (below).
Give us a call or send an e mail and we will help you set up your own professional, in-house filmmaking unit.

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