Monday, 1 April 2013

Jargon PR

I have just come across a company called Jargon PR. Apparently they seem quite good and have won awards. But I can't help but think the name is so negative.

Why would you call your company Jargon? It's like a business consultancy calling itself Red Tape or Complexity. Or a children's nursery calling itself Risky House or Sharp Objects.

Maybe it's me. Maybe it's reverse psychology. What do you think?

At a networking event I met a guy whose company, selling cheaper phone connections, was called Tel-e-phony.

I couldn't help thinking the "phony" bit was going to cause him problems.

Names are clearly part of your branding and therefore important.

My company's name Avante was invented by a creative pal.

Apart from sounding a bit like the Italian for "forward" he was thinking a business starting with the letter "A" would be at the front of directories.

When you check directories, however, you see absurd companies called "Aardvark" or "AAA Designs".

Never mind.

It also always amazes me when people use long winded names which then translate into e mail addresses the size of crazy Welsh railway stations.

Having an e mail address like "" not only vastly increases the chances of correspondents getting it wrong and messages bouncing back, it's also a nightmare for group messaging on Internet Service Providers like AOL for instance which only allows about 15 characters in its automated filing system.

Have you examples of business names that inspire?

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