Monday, 1 April 2013

Survey Her!

Cheeky blokes are using a Cheshire man’s smart phone business App to chat up women.
Pals are asking girls to rate their mates via a hand held online questionnaire.
The humourous quiz is designed to break the ice and get couples talking.
More than 4,000 people have downloaded the App, usually used to rate restaurants, hotels and guage customer service.

The inventor of Survey Me Lee Evans, 40, of Bramhall, Cheshire said: “I suppose it’s a mobile phone version of the TV show Snog, Marry, Avoid?
“I was quite shocked when I realised what some people were using it for.
“But if it helps to improve their love life, I’m all for it.”
Sales manager Andy Johnston, 40, set up a survey for his divorced pal and fellow Everton fan Sean Liddell, 45, from Liverpool.
Sample questions include:
“How would you best describe Sean’s looks?”
Clooney-esque; On a par with Brad Pitt; Fine but no oil painting; Just about acceptable; Should have stayed in Notre Dame.
Another asks “Sean is the director of a training company. What skills are absolutely essential for him to have before you would date him?”
Ability to leave the toilet seat down; Cooking; Romance; Good personal Hygiene; Will clean the bathroom.
Andy, from Stockport, Greater Manchester said: “Sean runs his own training business and has a lot going for him.
“But the pressure of being a boss leaves him little time for socialising and meeting people.
“So to get the most out of an evening and maybe meet some new people who he could date while skipping the chatting up bit we thought about Survey Me.
“It’s like speed dating but much more fun for everyone
 “We’ve used it a few times in clubs and bars around Liverpool’s waterfront and the girls really seem to see the fun side and warm to it.
“Very few girls ever refuse to have a go.”
Sean added: “I was a bit dubious at first but it has landed me a few numbers and led to a couple of interesting dates.
“I can see how it might catch on for single lads and maybe girls too.”
The idea has even been used  in New Zealand where businessman Andy McDowell, 40, designed a survey for his single mate Dan Simpson, 36.

One questions asks:  “As Dan is unlikely to remember tomorrow, what colour hair do you have?”
Blonde, Brunette, Black, Ginger, Bald
Another asks:  “Is Dan likely to get your phone number tonight?”
Recipients can then use an automated sliding scale from 0-10 to register their mark.
Andy said: “It started off as a bit of a laugh in the local bar one night.
“But as soon as one group of girls started laughing at the questions we created, others at the tables around also wanted to have a go.
“Dan ended up with a fair few choices of hotties to date in the next fortnight."

                                                                            Lee Evans

Lee added: “The App is intended for business and has been used in five-star restaurants and leading hotels.
“But we always knew it had wide applications.
“People can sign up and get the first 10 surveys for free. So unless you are very unlucky anyone using it to land a date should be fine.”

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