Monday, 1 April 2013

Who Do You Trust for News?

Everyone's talking up Social Media. But according to a recent survey Social Networks were named as most trusted by fewer than five per cent of respondents. 
MSN UK surveyed 2,000 people (actually carried out by OnePoll) checking audience behaviour in certain news situations. 
The survey also asked what news sources were most trusted by respondents. Unsurprisingly, broadcast television and radio come top with 43 per cent, followed by online news sites with 19 per cent.

Newspapers with 15 per cent and magazines with 9.1 per cent came next. Social Networks were bottom.
Take last year when footballer Steed Malbranque's son was alleged to have died or was dying from cancer causing him to quit. 
The story rumbled on around Twitter and Facebook for three days before an official statement declared it was complete rubbish. Read the official version here. 
Clearly social media has a huge role to play in marketing. But companies would do well not to ignore traditional media.

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